Operation Education 17 Report


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Annual Day Celebration

The Kids of The Master Children’s Village celebrated the Annual Day of the Institution with its D ..

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Operation Education

Operation Education 2015 Was executed by The Master Charities during May-June 2015, just before the ..

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Shelter the Homeless Mission

Mrs. Sophia Mathappan, a widow was given a house under the project this year. Chairman, Shri Damien ..

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About The Master Charities

The Master Charities was initiated in the year 2000. 15 years of goodness and love shared and felt,formed and run by a great team backed up by enormous number of supporters and well-wishers. It is purely social centered organization, open to all without any discrimination.

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Dream & Vision

The Master Charities is created and exists to assist, develop and bring to a state ofself-sustainment, the less fortunate of the society by coordinating resources from its members and well-wishers. It also strives to create a sense of social responsibility and corporate action through its projects and campaigns.

We need your help

One simple act of your kindness can change a life. Be part of our projects and make a difference

  • Sponsor a child in our Children’s Village
  • Sponsor a child to go to school this year
  • Make a donation to our Widow’s support program
  • Support our Shelter for Homeless Mission
  • Join The Master Charities Blood Donor Club

Operation Education – Promo Video

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