Various Projects of Love in Action (LIA)

1. LIA-Kerala Flood Relief Operations

The flood that occurred this month in Kerala has cost the state an estimated damage of 20,000 Crores, in terms of personal property, infrastructure. Hundreds of people died and as on 20th of August, almost 13,00,000 people ( 1.3 million ) are still stranded in relief camps including children and elderly.

A 3 pronged action plan was initiated by LIA to help the flood victims.

  1. Rescue
  2. Relief
  3. Rehabilitation

As part of the Rescue operations, Love in Action (LIA) has opened its facility at Pathadipalam , Edapally P.O  as a Relief camp. Food, shelter and basic medication was  provided besides acting as a distribution centre for neighbouring . LIA also mobilised 7,000+ food kits and more than 7200 Litres of water and worked in coordination with the Indian Navy to airdrop them in the crucial first days of the flood as there was a shortage of drinking water as most bottling plants got submerged under water.

In Phase-2 , LIA is currently co-ordinating with villages , panchayats , camps/ Govt offices to address needs and to minimise wastage due to excess supply and inadequate storage facilities for provisions. LIA and its volunteers are working round the clock to get the essential materials to the neediest of the needy.

As part of the Rehabilitation operations , the organisation assumed the mission to disinfect, clean 1000 houses in Ernakulam district namely – Paravur , Cheriyathekkanam and nearby villages which are one of the most affected areas of the state. A volunteer group of 300 people are being trained, provided with protective kits for themselves and cleaning kit for families. These teams are being deployed on ground, and will take the lead to bring the families back to their homes from the Relief Centres and make their homes habitable.

The cleaning kit for each family includes Bleaching Powder, Soap Powder, Toilet Cleaner, Phenol, Toilet Brush, Latex Gloves, Dust Masks, Bucket, Mug, Broom, Dust Pan, Candles, Match Box, Mosquito Coil/ Repellent and basic medication that doesn’t need the prescription.

Phase 3 Rehabilitation assessment is already underway.

On ground, we come across a lot of houses which are partially/fully damaged and we have come to the conclusion that Phase 3 will not be completed without addressing the issue. So the LIA Management decided to classify the victims who need help into three categories.

  1. Houses which needs repairs in which water was logged up to sill level
  2. Houses that need repairs in which water was logged up to lintel level
  3. Houses that need repairs which were totally submerged.

The estimated cost of repairs will vary according to the factors like floor area and age and built quality of the building.

  • Type A – Rs. 10,000
  • Type B – Rs. 35, 000
  • Type C – Rs. 60,000 

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2. The Master Children’s Village

Food, shelter, clothing and education are the basic requirement of childhood. The Master Children’s Village focuses on providing children facing difficulty in acquiring this. We have made this program for female children of age below 15. It is a project run with authorization under orphanages control board following all the set guidelines by them. Currently about a hundred kids are provided food, accommodation, clothing and schooling at The Master Children’s Village. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers and the relentless supports of the donors, these kids excel in studies and extra curricular activities, and a considerable number of them are class toppers!!

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3. Operation Education

Operation education is an education-oriented maneuver formed to support those children whose family needs help in providing basic educational requirements. In the past years, the team had selected schools and students in Ernakulam district, and distributed education kits or free under this project. The kit would contain a school bag, books, unbrella etc. In 2012, The Master Charities helped 1000 students with Education Kits. Hon. Minister. V. K. Ibrahimkunju in the presence of various guests and government officialsinagugurated the Project.

Operation Education:
Going a little more being a helping hand, this year Operation Education team is planning the project it in anelaborate manner. This time educational kit distribution to the less fortunate students is being extended to the rest of the state of Kerala. We also plan to adopt some of the schools that needimmediate attention regarding its infrastructure. There are so many schools in the state of Kerala that requires help in basic amenities such as clean drinking water, toilets apart from books, uniform and study aids. Our team will be providing those children studying in these schools, their basic requirements. This project is being carried our in co-ordination with the DEOs and DDEs of the respective districts.

All donations to Operation Educationare Tax exempt u/s 80G

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4. Medical Aid & Free Medical Camps

Medical camps are arranged with a great intention to help those patients who have difficulty in visiting a doctor paying the doctor’s fee. It is an open camp where every individual is appreciated to utilize the service. A team of medical professionals back up the support for the camp which includes experts from various fields of medicine. Free Medical Camps are conducted atleast once on a month.

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5. Shelter the Homeless Mission

The Master Charities have initiated Shelterthe Homeless Mission with the intention of helping the financially weak(Especially the widows and bedridden) to build their own home and provide them a shelter to reside. Under the mission the organization has rebuilt homes that were destroyed in natural calamities and constructed new ones for the deserving.

You can also be a part of this mission extending your abundant support donating.

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6. Widows companionship & Aid

It becomes really difficult when the bread-winner is no more with the family anymore. The responsibilities often become a huge burden for widows, toped with loneliness and insecurity. As an extended hand of support, volunteers of The Master Charities goes about with widows’ companionship & Aid program. Counseling services and other supports are extended to widows.

7. Blood donor club

As a part of its community support activity, The Master Charities maintains a database of people who have registered with the organization to donate blood. Anybody who is in need can utilize this club for blood requirement. The Blood Donor Club facilitates and co-ordinates blood donation as and when demand is raised for blood in Cochin City and suburbs.

You can register yourself to become a member in this club and donate blood when there is a requirement. Be a life saver today.

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